How to play Strands on mobile device | Step By Step Guide


Step by Step Guide for How to play Strands on mobile device

  • Begin by opening the app store on your mobile device (such as Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS).
  • Search for “Strands” in the search bar. Locate the official Strands game developed by the appropriate developer and tap on it to access the download page.
  • Press the “Install” or “Get” button to download and install the game onto your device.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete, then launch the game by tapping on its icon from your home screen or app drawer.
  • Upon launching Strands, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the game’s interface.
  • You will typically see a grid filled with colorful strands representing tangled knots.
  • Navigate through the menu options to explore features such as settings, levels, and achievements.
  • Review any tutorials or introductory messages provided by the game to understand its mechanics and objectives.
  • The primary goal of Strands is to untangle the knots within the grid by manipulating the strands.
  • Each level presents you with a unique configuration of tangled strands that you must unravel to progress.
  • Pay attention to any specific objectives or challenges outlined for each level, as they may vary.
  • To move a strand, tap and hold it with your finger. Drag your finger horizontally or vertically to maneuver the strand in the desired direction.
  • Release your finger to place the strand in its new position.
  • Strands can only move in straight lines and will continue in the chosen direction until they encounter an obstacle or reach the edge of the grid.
  • Plan your moves strategically to untangle the knots efficiently without overlapping or intersecting the strands.
  • Start by identifying strands that are closer to the edges of the grid, as they are often easier to untangle.
  • Prioritize untangling problematic areas where multiple strands intersect or overlap.
  • Experiment with different strategies and approaches to find the most effective solution for each puzzle.
  • If you make a mistake or get stuck, don’t hesitate to use the undo or reset options provided by the game.
  • The undo button allows you to reverse your last move, while the reset button resets the entire puzzle to its initial state.
  • Practice playing Strands regularly to improve your puzzle-solving skills and increase your efficiency.
  • Challenge yourself by attempting to solve puzzles within shorter time frames or with fewer moves.
  • Explore advanced strategies and techniques as you progress through the levels to become a master at untangling knots.

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